My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle Review


This product embodies the magical friendship shared between Princess Celestia and Princess Twilight Sparkle. My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle is a sophisticated toy adapted from the popular My Little Pony movie. The cutesy figure is a female pony unicorn who responds to touch and sound. The enchanting tale of being Princess Celestia’s adored pupil keeps kids glued to their seats. She is beautified with royal Pegasus wings which flutter and soar high in the sky. Her straight spiraled horn lights up into a bright flash.

The heavenly creature sings melodious songs, narrates interesting stories and also gives friendship advice. Kids can adjust her sitting or standing position, thanks to her pose-able legs. The interactive toy is adorned with a thick mane and tail. Little girls can decorate it with a pretty tiara which accompanies it. The ruler of the friendship rainbow kingdom is bound to cast her magical spell on the kids. This washable product is best suited for children of age three and above.

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