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Star Wars Force Link Starter Set including Force Link


Bring the on-screen adventures and action of the Star Wars to real life. The Star Wars Including Force Link Starter Set is a comprehensive toy set that includeswearable technology, figure, and instructions. It is an interactive play-system that offers phrases and sound effects from original Star Wars movie right in the hands of the kids. This toy is suitable for kids above 4 years of age and they can wear wearable force link technology to enable and activate lights, sounds, and phrases that gives a different playing experience. The wearable force link technology can activate effects like sound and light in force linked activated figures, accessories, vehicles, and also play sets. If kids below 4 years of age want to play with it, then make sure that they play with this set under their parent’s supervision. Your kids can actually bring the star wars stories alive with this comprehensive play set.

Main Features

  • Wearable force link technology
  • Activated lights, sounds, and phrases with the wearable force link technology
  • Character-inspired figures are included in this set
  • Super-durable set
  • Bring star wars stories to life

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